Big White

Big White kicked off living intertwined lives within the walls of a notorious share house in Sydney’s creative Inner West.  Five dynamic personalities came together to create a unique brand of Power Pop rich in guitars and synthesizers.

Dubbed as a “new band you need to check out”by NME, Big White recorded their debut single in an old bomb shelter in Berlin before returning to Australia to complete their critically acclaimed first album ‘Teenage Dreams’.

Big White’s sophomore album boasts bigger hooks, new stories and a new level of togetherness. Released on March 30, 2018, Cody Munro Moore described ‘Street Talk’ as “varied in images and anecdotes. Everyone lives within their own little frame and many of these songs are just that, small afternoons, rushed by evenings, late into the night and woken up early in the morning. We put this album together far away from the lights and metropolitan stones that they were born on. In a stringybark forest on the south coast they were comfortably finished at but most were settled under duress, months before while driving long stretches of roads between North American cities, calculating our own cosmos and talking to new friends on the corners of paved boroughs that we’d find ourselves standing on.”


Jordan Corso


North America


Jordan Corso
Romain Peutat (EU/UK)