Breanna Barbara

There is a particular place you get to without directions. you’ve been a thousand times but never once stayed past a moment. You pin the map each visit but it’s always too dull to stick. You return to where you begin and aren’t sure if you ever left.  Is this voodoo? A southern occultist juxtaposed in the middle of New York City, Breanna Barbara writes songs that make your soul dance, songs that make you question how many lives you’ve led, and if you ever lived at all.

Breanna, who’d self-released two albums (Theoria and Baby Where You Are) on Bandcamp, sent her “funny little iPhone recordings” to Andrija, who invited her to come down to Nashville. She packed her guitar and drove down in the van she slept in some nights: “Every morning we’d meet around 10, drink coffee, listen to the acoustic demos I sent him, and brainstorm how we wanted the song to turn out. Then we’d go into the studio and do a few takes,” recalls Breanna. “I had literally never recorded with more than my iPhone or computer, so going from that to working with someone who has platinum records on his bathroom floor was pretty surreal.”

Breanna was born in Edina, Minnesota and raised in Bradenton, Florida. She began writing and performing songs at house shows and bars in St. Augustine, FL, and traveled around the north and southeast before settling in New York City. She has shared bills with Deer Tick, Margo Price, Wild Beasts, Deap Vally, Yak, Bo Ningen, and The Mystery Lights.

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