Emerging from the smog strewn, neon-lit streets of eastern
Chinese metropolis Hangzhou, Junks are a dystopian, synth-driven
pop band for a Blade Runner planet.

The pulsating synths and distorted snarl of debut single
Hong Kong Garden (a cover of Siouxsie and the Banshee’s
classic 1978 hit) offers a glimpse into the world they
inhabit; all brutal tower blocks, elevated highways and vast,
rubble-filled urban was t elands .

Outsiders in an
increasingly strange land, Junks’ music is the soundtrack
to their electric dreams and acid-rain soaked days, and their
robo-pop melodies provide much needed relief from the
inescapable cloud of noxious gas that swirls constantly

Coming on like a gang of pursued replicants, the band’s
retro-futuristic stylings and dead-eyed sincerity are a
good fit for their end-of-the-world pop anthems.

JUNKS EP out now on Modern Sky USA!


David Kay


North America