Welcome to Lenkaland. Inhabited by Aussie singer-songwriter Lenka and all her Sugarbombs.

Lenka has spent much of her time on this earth making music to soothe her own heart and ideally yours. Her early career as an actress spiked everything with a sense of drama, while her education in fine arts allowed her imagination to be visually expressed. Lenka’s career highs include her extensive world tours and performances on live TV around the globe. Her recent entry into motherhood shines a new light on everything and when mixed with her love of nature which began with a blissful early childhood in the Australian bush, she creates the songs you hear here.

Lenka’s 4th studio album, ‘The Bright Side’ was released in June 2015. She is currently writing and producing her next collection of songs.

Lenka’s songs have been featured in many global films and TV placements such as Moneyball, Ugly Betty, Grey’s Anatomy, Old Navy, and Coke; to name a few. Her work on Decoder Ring’s Somersault soundtrack won the AFI for best song from a film. In addition, Billy Crystal once sang an excerpt of ‘The Show’ at the Oscars!


古灵精怪的优质创作甜美女声Lenka出生于澳大利亚新南威尔士,脑子里天马行空的七彩画面转由音符输出,可爱有趣的迷人特质让听众很快就喜欢上了她。凭借深厚的创作功力,Lenka打破了千篇一律枯燥乏味的编排模式,曲风生动活泼、元素丰富,构建出一个多样的音乐异想世界。2007年她获得Epic Records的赏识,与之签约并开始筹备个人专辑。2008年她参加了Conan O‘Brien的访谈节目,首张专辑在Billboard的Top Heatseekers榜排名第三。单曲《The Show》成为美国电视剧《丑女贝蒂》第三季的预告主题歌,其它单曲《Trouble Is A Friend》、《Live Like You’re Dying》亦被用作剧集《实习医生格蕾》的配曲。为了创作第二张专辑《Two》,她于2009年环游世界,进行各类表演。继2011年10月献唱北京摩登天空音乐节之后,Lenka 于2013年受邀参演北京及上海草莓音乐节并签约摩登天空,同年展开中国首巡。


Joe Hegleman


Mainland China


Mike Mori (North America)
Tom Taaffe (EU/UK)