Vinida, hailing from the Fujian Province of Southern China, started her musical journey with Hip Hop at the age of 13. By the time she got to college, Vinida started making her own music, and joining the local Freedom Plant Music crew.

In 2015, Vinida was featured on the Freedom Plant Music mixtape, as well as releasing a string of singles, notably “Get Away from Me” and “Colorful World.”

2016 was another busy year for Vinida, besides releasing well-received singles such as “Cookie Gangster,”“Dirty Mind,”and “Who Am I,”she released her first solo EP “Before.” The same year saw Vinida entering the vocal competition show, “China’s New Voice.” She performed a re- imagining of Jay Chou’s famous “Busy Cowboy” during the blind- selection round, and was picked by the well-known Chinese singer Na Ying to join her team. She would eventually get as high as top five before bowing out of the show. Her performance in the final round,“Ugly Duckling, Give me a Kiss” won the Audience Selection.

Vinida finished off 2016 by penning a record deal with Modern Sky Records, the oldest and largest independent record label in China.


Sijie Liu