MUZEN Audio + Radio Caroline

This month, MUZEN Audio and Radio Caroline presented their new Muzen OTR Wood (Radio Caroline Edition) radio at NY NOW, a trade only event held at the Javits Center in New York City.

Back in the 60’s rock music was not accepted by official radio in Europe. Despite the regulations, Radio Caroline played rock music morning to night, and still does to this day. In 1964, the same year Radio Caroline was created, Mr. Zeng, a five-time winner of CES Innovation Awards, assembled his first radio when he was only seven years old.

Over the past fifty years, Radio Caroline has been struggling to survive after going through several shipwrecks and a series of crises. Regardless, they have never given up their dream to share great music with the world. Mr. Zeng was inspired by this radio culture, and has devoted his life to designing radios and stereos. In doing so, he has established one of the best- selling audio brands in China- MUZEN.

MUZEN Audio’s booth was held Sunday, February 4th through Tuesday, February 6th, 2018 at the NY Now Convention in NYC. It was not only a beautiful display of product but also the physical epitome of the quality and style the company represents. It showcased a variety of MUZEN Audio’s retro radios, including the new MUZEN OTR Wood (Radio Caroline Edition). The booth was well attended all throughout the convention, and both MUZEN Audio and Radio Caroline representatives, welcomed a large crowd of industry leaders and participants.

On February 6th, MUZEN Audio and Radio Caroline held a press event, hosted by Michael LoJudice (General Manager North America of Modern Sky). LoJudice introduced special guests including Dejun Zeng (Founder and CEO of MUZEN Audio) who spoke of his beginnings and the start of his company.

Steve Taplin (DJ and Project Coordinator) and Richard Lavelle (DJ) from Radio Caroline were also introduced and shared the touching history of the pirate radio station and their persistence over the years. Peter Moore (Current Radio Caroline Host) sent a video from the Radio Caroline ship to thank MUZEN Audio for their efforts to keep radio alive, and their generous help.

Lastly, John Kohl (CEO of TuneGo) took to the stage to emphasize how their company values and standards are complementary to MUZEN Audio and Radio Caroline.

Before giving up the stage to Charlie Faye and the Fayettes, Dejun Zeng invited one of the MUZEN OTR Wood (Radio Caroline) Indiegogo campaign supporters to receive their own MUZEN radio prior to its release.

The 60’s influenced soul pop group, Charlie Faye and the Fayettes performed two songs for the audience. After their set, Zeng graciously presented Charlie Faye with her own MUZEN OTR Wood (Radio Caroline Edition) radio.

The NY Now Convention was the perfect occasion for MUZEN Audio to feature their renowned radio products to principal trade figures. The combination of ingenuity from MUZEN Audio and the heartfelt story of Radio Caroline created a powerful statement heard by many.